Opus Training Group - Geology Instruction For The Petroleum Industry

Kimberly Lokszyn B.Sc.

Kim currently works as a wellsite geologist with Opus Energy. She received her B.Sc. from Brandon University. Kim has been involved in field training all new geologists at Opus Energy.
Althea Lincoln M.Sc.

Althea has 15 years field and 10 years office geology experience. Althea currently works as an independent  wellsite geologist, helping out at Opus Energy occasionally. Althea received her M.Sc. from Oregon and her B.Sc. from University of Saskatchewan. Althea brings a wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience to the training room.
Nikolay Uryumtsev B.Sc.

Nik currently works as a wellsite geologist for Opus Energy. Nik earned his B.Sc. in Russia. Nik had designed and instructed multiple entry level wellsite geology courses. Many geologists throughout the petroleum industry have benefited from Niks attention to detail and professionalism. Nik is instructing senior geology courses.
Iftikhar Abid Ph.D.

Iftikhar (Ifti) currently works as a wellsite geologist and petrographer for Opus Energy. Iftikhar attained his M.Sc. at McGill and his Ph.D. from Memorial University. Iftikhar is an expert sedimentologist and teaches senior level geology courses.
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